Boho Kaftan - Indie dress - Fringe

Boho Kaftan - Indie dress - Fringe

55 EUR

Indie long fringe dress

Sundress from the 60s, very peculiar and versatile. Can be both a “normal” dress and a sundress, thanks to the passementerie fastening that can be adjusted as you prefer. Made is stretchy cotton with a typical boho print, the neckline is made precious by a black passementerie and the bottom is enriched with very hippie fringes


  • Vintage in perfect conditions
  • Label: Swan 
  • Light viscosa

Other information

  • Single size, can be dressed by a 10 up to a 14(UK 14 to 18).
  • Length: 43.3" (110 cm)
Model: Andrea Sanguineti

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